We’re just like family… always in your business.

At Mel Martin’s Transfer, we understand that traditional family values and familiarity still matter… to us, to the industries and customers we serve, and to the region we live in, support and traverse through every day.

Of course the ability to provide responsive, safe, quality service is important to us. But it’s the notion of family that truly drives us to deliver not just goods and equipment, but valuable transport solutions for ultimate continued productivity peace of mind.

It was family honour, pride and responsibility that powered our first truck in 1978, and it’s what continues to power our fleet of vehicles – from half ton trucks and vans to tractor trailers – today.

More importantly though, is our certainty in these family values as the ties that bind the region. The challenging, hard and impassive reality of industry and energy exploration and refining is met by the determination and strength of those whose hard-working and honest days work ethic is matched only by their commitment to family, community and the unspoken trust and accountability expressed through a firm handshake.

These are the values shared by a company who not only use the term ‘family’ to describe everyone on payroll, but who also extend the warm sentiment to clients, partners and vendors. This is the nature of life in our home base of Fort Saskatchewan – and throughout the rest of the Industrial Heartland: a shared sense of  immediate and extended family and familiarity that knows no boundaries.

This is the reality that drives us: High road or low road, our family knows no limits… no boundaries. Simply put, with our local and regional experience, no one  understands you, your business or these roads like we do. And while we won’t tell you how to run your business, we will tell you how to drive it.

But that’s just like family isn’t it… always in your business.

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