Any damage must be noted on the bill of lading at the time of delivery otherwise consignee’s signature will constitute conclusive proof of goods having been delivered in good order and condition. Carrier will not be liable for any damage or loss unless written notice thereof is given to carrier at its region or head office within 10 days after the shipment was received by the carrier for carriage.


Freight charges are prepaid unless otherwise stated. This bill of lading shall be deemed to incorporate such terms and conditions as may be required to be incorporated by legislation of any jurisdiction to which it is subject on collect shipments if consignee does not pay full charges shipper agrees to pay all charges.


Unless specifically agreed to in writing prior to shipment, carrier will not:

  1. Be liable in excess of the declared value or $500.00 whichever is less for any and all damages whatsoever arising from the failure or delay in delivery of any shipment or for any other reason including the negligence of the carrier, it’s servants or agents.
  2. Transport any document or goods declared to have a value in excess of $500.00
  3. Transport any specie. If no value is declared on the face hereof, or if a shipment has a declared value in excess of $500.00 and no prior special agreement in writing has been obtained this shall be deemed to be an agreement that the value of the goods is $2.00/lb($4.41/kg) and carrier shall not be liable for any damages in excess thereof. Under no circumstances will the carrier be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.


Carrier will not be liable for any loss, damage, failure to perform, or delay for goods that are prohibited, restricted or required to be carried in special containers by C.T.C. I.A.T.A. or otherwise unless shipper fully discloses nature of dangerous goods and same have been properly contained. Shipper agrees to indemnify carrier for all costs and damages caused by its failure to disclose and/or properly contain dangerous goods.

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